Kirsten & Darren’s Wedding

Kirsten & Darren’s Wedding

Kirsten & Darren 1


“I love that you are my person and I am yours, that whatever door we come to, we will open it together”

– a.r.asher

These two are just a match made in heaven. After so many years together they finally decided to tie the knot. For Kirsten & Darren getting married wasn’t something they needed to do to confirm their unity but rather a pure expression of their love for each other. Being mother and father to two absolutely beautiful children made the whole experience even more exciting, as they were able to include them in this most special day.

I met Kirsten through her sister, Shyrene, whose stationery I did in September last year. Much the same as her sister she had no idea of what she wanted for her stationery. She gave me her colours of red, black and white and her vintage classic theme with pearls as a featuring element. With all of this in mind I came up with their gorgeous invitation and stationery. Kirsten and Darren where absolutely blown away by what I had created. In fact, I think I spotted a small tear of joy from Kirsten when we met to show her the samples of what we had produced, which in turn lead to a small tear from me, that someone could be so please with something that I had created with all the love in my heart ♥




Thank you to J&D Photography for these beautiful images of our stationery.

Wishing Mr & Mrs Louw a lifetime of happy moments and unconditional love.

Teelee Wedding & Event Stationery has been so honoured to be a part of making your big day extra special for you ♥

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